Welcome. My name is Vonecia, and I document joy, beauty and style.

"Grandma, can I hold it?" you could hear me asking as I chased my grandmother around at our family reunion. I was in my pre-teens, and I was determined to help document everything that was happening.

My grandparents always had a video camera around to document us growing up, and I naturally took a liking to doing the same. I enjoyed kicking up my feet and reliving those joyous, hilarious and comforting moments.

Today, I continue to chase and capture those moments. My mission is to bring authenticity, pride, and originality to individuals and groups by capturing their own joy, beauty and style.

Get in touch for projects, or to say hi: vonecia@vwellstudios.com

Photo by Steven Jones



Black Radiance


Dylan Underwear

Miss Black USA

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