A film highlighting the experiences and perceptions of women photographers

Yes, I'm the Photographer is a short documentary film highlighting the experiences of women photographers and how they're perceived in the industry. Sparked and created by the experiences of Vonecia Carswell and other women she encountered during her creative journey, the film unfolds through a series of interviews and real-life scenes as it pertains to what has often been regarded as a male-dominated industry.

Echoing the realities of so many other woman in the industry, we witness woman photographers' personal stories, passion, work ethic and discussions about where the industry stands and how it could be shaped for the better. Although many are faced with challenges, we also witness the advantages and power that they contain behind the lens. Ultimately, this film challenges us to rethink our views on the perceptions of woman photographers and work to create a more well-informed industry flowing with more respect, equality and opportunities for woman to thrive, too.

“If you see us with a camera, we're here for a job... we're not here to look cute. We're here to do the job.”

“We have to learn not to be modest... that's ingrained in us from society.”

“Women have to be better to each other first. In a male-heavy industry, if I run into another female... I will try to connect with that person and make her feel that she is not only welcomed in my world but that her role matters as well.”

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