On Saturday, October 5, 2019, under the roof of a cozy Brooklyn brownstone, Anna and Noelle formally tied the knot. The ceremony was held on the outdoor patio while the reception took place inside. The patio was dressed in greenery with gold light as accents, complementing the couple's "joyous yet lowkey" style. Sounds from a steel drummer echoed lightly in the background as the couple made their grand entrance to an intimate crowd of family and friends. After the ceremony, guests made their way inside where there was there was a fusion of music, a live chef an d a polaroid photo booth.

Earlier this year, I captured their engagement photos, and it was lovely to follow them along their journey. Anna and Noelle met online a couple of years ago — a photo I took of Noelle prior caught Anna's attention on the dating app! A snippet on their wedding site states, "We met, as all New Yorkers do these days, online. But we didn't hit it off immediately, because Anna was a fool and ghosted Noelle for a month (b-school kept her pretty busy...) after sharing some initial pleasantries. So when the two met a month later, it was completely random and on the fly. So much so that they were both wearing sweat pants (how very us!)"

And the rest was history.

Check out some of the photos below!